@JustJared: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart sat next to each other at the screening of his new movie “Remember Me.” So cute!

@quiet_soliloquy: The eagles have left the building. I repeat, THE EAGLES HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING. TOGETHER.

@delaneyg84: I love the fact that Kristen dressed down, didn’t do press and kept the focus off her and on the stars of the film. Brava.  [Note: We here on Robsten411 TOTALLY agree with this!]

@kgirl1899: stewie hanging with tomstu and rob’s sister looks beautiful, rob is mingling and doing the work thing

@kspice75: Rob walked right in front of me into the theater…and Kristen is with him!!!

@StephanieBusbin: According to reports, she waited until he was done with press and then followed him into theater.

@MarissaM2OK: Rob went into theater with KRISTEN YES HE DID

@AllyinPerth: Rob had everyone who was important to him there. I will be supporting Remember Me Saturday. PS KStew has a great ass!

@abeitotzz–this might be old news but KRisten Stewart walked the red carpet, and she’s freakin HOT! btw.. I almost peed myself when I saw her

@quiet_soliloquy: It’s 7:43pm in NYC, inside the Paris Theater, R has a hard time keeping his eyes and hands off K’s ass