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“Yes, I’ve heard they’re still considering a fall start date, which is insane. They still haven’t decided on how many movies it will be yet. It could go either way at this point.”

—Deep Twi, giving us the latest Breaking Dawn update…or nonupdate, for that matter

We’ll cool it with the Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart love stuff (if only for a sec) and fill you in on what else we’ve learned ’bout what’s going to happen with the fourth (and fifth?) flick:

“It’s looking like it’s going to be two,” Deep Twi spills. With all this back and forth, we can’t keep it straight anymore! However, no decision has been finalized.

We’re told there’s no director, either, and it doesn’t sound like Summit is close to officially nailing one down.

We know by now that Chris Weitz will not direct Breaking Dawn, even though he told us back in November he’d be stupid not to come back if asked. But he was asked, trust. Made that begged.

The cast and studio pleaded with Weitz, but to no avail. Deep Twi tells us Chris’ response was “an emphatic no.”

Interesting that there’s not a whole lotta love yet for Eclipse director David Slade. Is that a bad omen that the third Twilight flick may not be the best one of the bunch? Or could it be the studio wants to wait and count its dollars before choosing director faves? We say No. 2.

With the success of New Moon, clearly Weitz blew Catherine Hardwicke outta the favored water (whichso isn’t entirely her fault, btw).

As for that fall start date, we think Summit ‘n’ crew better get their asses in gear and figure out a script and director pronto. Just a suggestion! Until they nail those minor details down, Kristen, Rob and the rest of our fave vampire-human gang can’t sign on to any outside projects. Unless, of course, they want to possibly suffer Rachelle Lefevre‘s same fate. Remember her?


From E!Online

Yesterday’s item about how Robert Pattinsonand Kristen Stewart, according to some, are possibly taking it down a notch sure got many of you readers riled up.

We guess “don’t shoot (or tweet) the messenger” doesn’t apply when Twilightnews is involved, huh?

One of our go-to Robsten sources reached out to us to shed some more light on what really went down behind the scenes…

“Let’s just say Rob and Kristen got a slap on the wrist,” ‘fesses one of our moles deep inside Camp Robsten.

“Everyone, from their management to the studios involved in their upcoming movies, is worried [Rob and Kristen] will start to become…distracted.”

Again like we said in yesterday’s item (which many misread), Rob and Kristen are still together and totally cool. But they are both listening to what their teams are telling them, which is to stay focused.

As we’ve been pointing out, a lot is riding on R.Pattz’s and K.Stew’s movies post-Twilight—that includes promotion for The Runaways and Remember Me, but also getting their cute butts in gear for upcoming projects.

Rob needs to kick ass in Bel Ami, and Kristen needs to stay motivated to sort through which projects she’s going to sign on to next.

Now, this isn’t the first time R and K have had a relationship intervention of sorts. Interesting how everything comes full circle, right? After what has seemed like months of free Robsten love, the suitsstill mean business, and they have no shame in letting our fave New Moon lovebirds know who’s boss.

It’s like we’re back where we started. Only now, it’s not so much people telling Rob and Kristen not to be together (as, trust us, it very much once was), but everyone surrounding R.Pattz and K.Stew wants to make sure they haven’t forgotten why they are here in the first place: to work.

Somehow we think Robsten are just fine after their semi-gentle reminder to stop playing footsie and listen up. In fact, we know it.

Once they stop pimping out their respective independent films and Eclipse starts back up again, R and K will do what they do best, which is be sneaky…together. Love.

[Authors note: TED. IS. LAME!. this is really damage control from his side! He must have read how many people got pissed at him yesterday for disrespecting Rob and Kristen just so he could get more hits, and now he’s trying to win those pissed people back. This is what Ted should have posted yesterday, not today, instead he chose to post crap like what we saw yesterday.. now this is actually true]

From E!Online

[Author’s note: I’m laughing.]

OK, Robsten lovers. We know it’s been a long wait, and we need you all to be strong.

There’s good news and bad news concerning our fave Twi couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Good news: They’re still hot for each other.

The bad news? Well…

They’re not exactly messing up each other’s messy coifs as much as they have in the past.

We’ve always been honest with you, and you know we here at A.T. are the biggest Robsten supporters, like, evah, which is why it’s our job to fill you in on the current sitch.

With everything that went down with RobkiMichael Angarano back-and-forths and vixen Megan Fox‘s play for R.Pattz, we’ve always told it to you like it is.

So…here. It. Is.

As many of you readers have been frantically emailing and Twittering about, we’ve been making clear that Robsten’s sorta getting poised to do their own thing. That would be work.

R.Pattz and K.Stew are just starting their kickass careers, and they want to make sure they stay focused, especially with their big (and important, mind you) non-Twilight flicks coming up. “They have been very close up until now,” Deep Twi tells us.

What we’re hearing also from others in Robsten’s inner circle is that there was no big dramatic breakup or anything. Don’t even think it. It’s just that both beauties are going to focus right now and not fret about what weekend they can mess up their respective production schedules in order to coordinate time to hang out. That’s why we love this couple—they’re real.

That’s how those who are truly devoted to each other do it: make sure each other’s happiness is accounted for. And right now, career’s numero uno with these two. It’s not saying Robsten won’t be back to being as cozy as they once were—in fact, we’re told to count on that. Hello? One, if not two, more Twiinstallments to film? We can hear the trailer doors squeaking now!

Another reason why it’s no biggie?

Rob and Kris are going to be hooking back up again for Eclipse promos, not to mention other Summit pics they have out, before you know it, and they’ll be so on again, as they always are when they’re together. Expect hotel rendezvous and sneaky Robsten dates, per usual.

So there you have it, folks. Gonna clobber us? Or should we not keep you updated on what’s really happening in Robsten land? We believe in the latter here at A.T.

[Author’s note again: I’m still laughing, I mean what does Ted expect? Of course they have to focus on their careers?!  But that doesn’t mean their relationship has to be less of a relationship than any others….]

E!Online Is Wise As Well!

December 18, 2009

After Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s successful private date night, we’re feeling even better about Robsten’s current status. Aren’t you?

We’re superglad these overworked kids have caught a break from the flashbulbs as of late and been able to successfully evade, well, us, for a bit (but certainly not always).

Unfortunately, what happens when the two are MIA is the tabs and A.T. message boards go crazy with ridiculous “Rob and Kristen hate each other” stuff, and there’s always a new gal Rob is linked to. Even his manager, Stephanie Ritz, has been victim of supposedly falling under R.Pattz’s spell. Yeah right.

So true, and so annoying that people are always reacting that way. Let’s stay happy people! *Kristen thinks this is stupid as well*

Dear Kristen,

You have no idea who I am, and you will never read this.

I have recently become a fan of yours, and that’s mostly because of your upcoming role as Joan Jett in The Runaways movie.  I have been a Joan Jett/Runaways fan for 21 years, which is why I am compelled to write this letter (that you will never read).

When I heard that you had been cast to play Joan, I had no idea who you were.  But with Joan herself at the helm, I trusted that she would surround the movie with people that would respect her first band, her baby.

I was curious and excited.

Since then, I’ve been reading and watching your interviews, checking out your other movies, and trying to decide if I think you can be Joan Jett.

I do.

First, the screaming attention you are getting from Twilight will be good practice for playing a teenaged Joan Jett being chased through the streets of 1977 Japan.  That’s the easy part.

Your challenge is to figure out who Joan Jett is.  You are familiar with the terms that the media uses to describe her:  Icon, trailblazer, badass.  Those words are convenient, but I think they are cheap.  They don’t come close to the truth.

We, in the Jetthead community, don’t merely admire Joan for her accomplishments.  We love her.  We don’t love her wardrobe, her haircut, her platinum records, her legacy, or her business acumen.  We love her for one reason: She is one of us.

Her music is what gets us, literally.  It got me when I was 12.  The last song on the Up Your Alley album, Play That Song Again, is about a broken, lonely person who just wants it all to go away—until they hear music, and they get a little stronger.  That song was about hope.  That song was about me.  I soon found that every one of her albums had a piece of me in it.  I wondered how she knew.

There is more to Joan than some intuitive lyrics wrapped in a leather jacket.  She has a special way of interacting with people through her eyes.  You’ve hung out with her, so I know you’ve seen it.  We call it the “Jett Eye Lock” when it happens during a show, but her energy can penetrate TV screens and the pages of a magazine.  She seems to be trying to tell you all the truths to the universe with her gaze.  But in that shared moment, only one truth matters: This is Who I Am.

Joan started out as a girl with a dream that defied logic.  People laughed at her.  People told her that girls could not and should not play the guitar.  People called her horrible names and told her to grow up, get married, have babies, and whatever else would be “normal” and “proper” for a “young lady.”  But she did not stop.  They threw things at her on stage, yelled at her to go away, and she still did not stop.

When I learned of this, I became very protective of Joan.  To believe in a reality that no one else could imagine, without question and without hesitation, must have been lonely.  I could relate.  I am not strong enough to slay her dragons, but I can easily take a few insults on the schoolyard, or write letters like this.  She deserves it.  The woman inspires loyalty.

And you are the lucky one—the chosen one—that gets to bring all of this to the big screen.  It’s a weighty responsibility.

My advice to you is to keep it simple.  Joan Jett is the ultimate symbol of faith and hope to many, but she doesn’t strut around like some feminist gift to the universe.  This is just her life.  This Is Who She Is.  If Joan’s quiet determination is anything like Bella Swan, then music is her Edward Cullen—her entire reason for being.  Like Twilight, The Runaways movie is a love story, just not a romantic one.

I wish I could promise you that every Jetthead will be on your side.  Some will be, but some of them will be passionately against you.  To some, no one will be good enough.  That is not your fault.  They just want to protect her.

To take this role on, you need to stay focused.  People will criticize you in ways you can’t even imagine, but for God’s sake don’t listen.  Don’t worry about how you are going to live up to our expectations of Joan’s character.  Listen to your inner acting voice and trust that you already have what it takes to be Joan Jett.  You may not have known the magnitude of the Twilight universe at first, but you do understand Joan’s influence now.  You feel the pressure, and it scares you—but you’re doing it anyway.  And you can’t get any more Joan Jett than that.

I’m not worried about your ability to perform the music in the film either, but if you are, just fill the premiere with Runaways fans.  We’ll sing with you.

Much love and thanks,

From Kstewdevotee

Kristen Stewart You…Ch-Ch-Cherry BOMB!

Oh Hi there!! Were you living under a Rock? Yes? Well look what the fuck you missed!!

As always the Sources break it DOWN

JettStew-Bitchface: Like the KStew Bitchface, but this one will indeed not give two flying fucks in hesitating to rip you a new one.


The EPIC DokotaKstew/JettCurie Grind: UNF. That is all. Hello Daddy, Hello Mom…I think the Sources have just found there dream Threesome. Wonder how many boys & girls had to run to there local Pharmacy to buy erm, chaffing cream.


Sex Pistol: Dear Sirs, we here at ‘According To My Sources‘ would like this gif in Real Life. We would like to cover all of our mirrors with it. & walk the streets of New York, The UK & Cali screaming ‘It’s not a Mullet it’s a Shag, Motherfuckers!’


RAWR JettStew: ‘Do NOT, get me Upset‘…


Wet JettStew: Sounds like soup eh? ‘Waiter, I’ll have an order of Wet JettStew & a shot of UNF’. Oh how thy Sources wish the water was unfogged for us to perv on her nibbly things. *EDIT* You CAN sorta see her nibbly things!!!UNF!!


The Lipbite: Some get peeved when they see her do it. We get turned on. Mind you we like ride ‘disco sticks’.


The Runaways: Um, they ‘Runaway’ ?


Revelations: This looks like it’s the ‘peak’ of ‘The Runaways’ story, According To Our Sources of course (;

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What goes up… Must come down.
Spinning Wheel… got to go round.
Talking bout your troubles
It’s a crying sin…
Ride a painted pony
Let the spinning wheel spin…
The Robsten Roller-coaster.
Up. Down.
All the fuck around.

Rob is at a birthday party without Kristen!
Rob and Kristen are out to dinner!
Rob in in a magazine with Emilie!
Rob and Kristen will be together in London!

I’m dizzy from all the bullshit.
I find all the overreaction…

Some people actually wished Rob to die…
fucking DIE!!!
Because he went to a birthday party with some friends.
Who happened to be female.
And weren’t named Kristen.
What the FUCK kinda fan are you?
What’s more…
What kind of person are you??
How could you wish anyone dead?
Jesus Fucking Christ!.

I would like to blame all the fucked up emotional drama
on the people who hate Robsten and/or Kristen…
But I can’t.
Because its not just the Nonstens who hate.
The hate is everywhere.
It’s on both sides of this twisted roller-coaster.

I fucking refuse to get on the ride.
There is no need for all the constant drama.
People disagree.
Shit happens.
Whats wrong with that?
Who says that you have to try and make
someone believe what you believe?
I believe in Rob and Kristen.
You don’t?
I don’t give a shit.
See how that works?
I don’t feel this crushing desire
to throw facts and pictures
down your throat to persuade you to
come over to my side.

I. Don’t. Care.

I’ll leave the Robsten Roller-coaster
to anyone who wants a ride…

As for me?
Fuck that noise.

I’m gonna ride a painted pony…
Let the spinning wheel…

Bye for now.

“Krismas”/Christmas List

December 18, 2009

From KStewDevotee:

Things to buy Kristen

  • A ‘I’m not pregnant MOFO’ shirt
  • A collection of archival pens so she can draw more “Bella” tattoos on her hand
  • A Hello Kitty sewing machine so she can patch Rob’s jeans
  • Books: Killing Paparazzi by Robert M. Eversz & The Princess Bitchface Syndrome by Michael Carr-Gregg
  • A wholesale size box of SPAM
  • Sparkly Balls of Yarn
  • Anti-paparazzi handbag create a glare in the razzi’s  lens
  • A replica of Conan O’ Brian’s comb over, so she can fondle
  • A trip to Russia : She wanted to drive there during the Twilight Promo
  • Box of Pregnancy test. Next time a ‘Pregnancy rumor comes out, all she’ll have to do is pop a squat

Things to buy Rob

  • Head & Shoulders for ‘normal to oily hair’
  • A  6 Pack  of Camels
  • Certificate to The Salvation Army Clothing Depo
  • A Beanie from the Salvation Army
  • Another pair of Heart shaped sunglasses
  • Pillows lots.of.Pillows
  • A Stoli Shirt with even more holes than the one he has
  • Screen cleaner for his Mac… Him & Kristen did A LOT of Skyping while he was in NY
  • A baby, so he can bite it’s head off

Things Kristen Will get us for “Krismas”/Christmas

  • A Hello Kitty Bong
  • A certificate to knitting classes
  • A pair of Chucks : With I love RPattz embroidered on them…in yarn:
  • Guillermo’s Phone Number#
  • ‘KStew Pie Recipe’s’ book
  • A lace-front wig like the one she  wore for Eclipse
  • Sparkle, she want’s you to have the Edwardo Cullenster glow
  • Her new Auto-Biography called ‘We Are, We Aren’t…You wish I were a Lesbian’
  • A Hello Kitty Flogger

Things Rob will get us for “Krismas”/Christmas

  • 6 pack of Heineken : Well make that 4 because he drank 2 on the way over
  • Hot pockets
  • Coupons for a hot pocket
  • Coupon to buy a microwave for the hot pocket
  • Something he stole from the set of one of his movies
  • A bib with a lobster on it
  • Used Raybans
  • Hand me down Nike sneakers
  • Redken Hair Mousse he stole from the set of Twilight

WTF Picture!

December 13, 2009

This is obviously a manip, but enjoy anyway (: