“Kristen Stewart will grow as an actress as she works. She’s interested in learning and expanding. She doesn’t think she knows it all. She is not going to be caught in the persona she played in those Twilight films. She is going to make a choice to step out of those parameters. This is an actor, not a movie star.” Melissa Leo on Kristen Stewart.


1 + 1 = Rob and Kristen

January 18, 2010

From Robert Pattinson Intoxication


What to write about.

There isn’t too much in terms of Robert.

Supposedly, he’s in England

doing pre-production on his next movie.

Supposedly, Kristen is back in the States…

doing her thing for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

(I can’t WAIT to see Kristen!)

(Is Robert with her?)


So I guess I talk about…

Rob and Kristen?

Last night were the Golden Globes.

Taylor was there.

I totally understand why Summit is pushing him

to the forefront right now.

He’s polished.

He’s slick.

He’s well behaved.

He’s clean cut.

Kinda the opposite of Robert and Kristen?


There were rumors all over the place about

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Annistion.


Well… they are promoting their latest movie.

So they appear together.

And of course… that means they are a couple.

Sound familiar?

But riddle me this…


Gerard and Jennifer were caught snuggling

at a concert…

Or pictured on a hotel balcony the night after an event…

Or playing footsie in a limo…

Or holding hands on an airport tarmac…

Or say…

Gerard was in Scotland for the holidays…

and all of a sudden Jennifer showed up

and was hanging out with him…

What would you think then?


You would think they are in a relationship.
Unless you are Robert and Kristen…
Then you are just friends, buddies… pals.
Who kinda just happen to turn up at the
same place
All the damn time.

Mere coincidence.

See what I mean?

1 + 1 really does = 2