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Twilight star Kristen Stewart looked every bit the messy teenager as she trundled up to claim the rising star award at the Baftas. “Nobody told me there was going to be, like, fuckin’ royalty,” she told me afterwards.

A blend of awkward ingenue and seasoned pro, Stewart turns 20 in April and hopes it heralds a new era. “I seem to play disaffected teens, but then how else you gonna be at that age?” As a rising star juror, I risk protocol to tell her she was included on overall acting merit, Twilightphenomenon aside. She sighs a thank you. “I am grateful to my fans for voting, but I wish Twilight wasn’t so rampant, then I could have judged myself against the others on a more level playing field.”

She will soon be seen playing Joan Jett in The Runaways – “I had to do that movie quickly cos I was getting too old” – before heading back to Oregon for the next two Twilight movies. Before that, however, she’s presenting at the Oscars with her buff werewolf co-star Taylor Lautner. Will he keep his top on? “That’s funny. You’re funny,” she says, not laughing.

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It may be a bit jarring to see Kristen Stewart so far away from Forks, but at least her new co-star is best friends with Rob Pattinson! Eddie Redmayne and Kristen team up in The Yellow Handkerchief, a film about a road trip through post-Katrina New Orleans. In the movie, Kristen hops in a car with two strangers… and the rest you’ll just have to see for yourself!

What made you want to play this part?

Kristen: When I read the script it was one of those things that you get really excited about and then instantly really sick because you’re not sure that you’ve got the part. I was sort of undeniably emotionally moved by it and I think just regarding the person that I played, she makes such a comeback. I feel like in the beginning she’s so clearly disappointed in everything around her and that first time you see her she’s rejected and that’s what she’s running from.

Can you identify with the whole teenage runaway attitude that you have in the film?

Kristen: I feel like [running away] was so not thought out. It’s a pretty courageous thing to do to get in that car. And especially for a young girl, it can be considered silly. But I can identify with her in that she is doing something that is dangerous but that will ultimately be absolutely worth it. I can absolutely relate to that.

You guys must have spent a lot of time in the car. Any funny stories from filming?

Eddie: [For the scene] when we hit the [deer], we had a load of crew in the back with lights and all this stuff. And I had to do this screeching break as we hit this thing and I was like, “Be careful because I am screeching this car…”

Kristen: Again and again you said it.

Eddie: “…It’s gonna be quite a jolt when we stop.” And they said “No problem, man, no problem.” And we did the scene and they cut to me and I break the car and I scream and this guy got all bruised out of the back! And I’m like, “I told you man, I told you.”

Kristen, your character is into ballet in the movie. Did you have to take any ballet classes to prepare?

Kristen: Yeah. Something that was initially really daunting about the character was that she loved to dance and that she really used her physicality as a means of control and power. Before I did this movie I don’t think I did a two-step. So I took some ballet lessons from these really hardcore ballerinas, but what I always thought about the character was that she wasn’t really one to take a class. She sort of was like, “I really wanna do that.” So then I didn’t have to say that I was a trained ballerina, which I would never ever be able to accomplish in the two weeks that we had before we started shooting.

Eddie: Remember how obsessed you became with your dance shoes, though? Jazz pumps. You became obsessed.

Kristen: I have like, 16 pairs of these little white Capezios.

Eddie’s character plays around with a disposable camera in the movie. Did you keep any souvenirs of the photos you took?

Eddie: We did, actually. The photos used in the scrapbook in the movie are ones we took of Kristen doing her dance.

Your characters are cut off from the outside world once Kristen’s phone dies. Do you ever turn off your cell phones just to see what happens?

Kristen: I always turn my phone off and really infuriate a lot of people.

In the movie, a big storm hits and it’s rainy and gloomy for a while. Have you ever lived in that kind of climate?

Kristen: I haven’t had crazy weather… Wait a second — what am I talking about? I just made three films in the Pacific Northwest. I know the depression that is the cold west.

So does the dark weather really mess with your mood?

Kristen: Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s sort of undeniable. If you’re cold for three months and you’re always trying to stay dry…

Eddie: It’s interesting, though. In London we used to have horrific weather. But when I came to LA, the expectation is for continual sunshine. You expect it to be the perfect Hollywood dream and when it’s not, it can be mildly depressing.

Have you learned anything interesting about each other since you spent so much time together?

Kristen: There’s nothing interesting to learn about this guy.

Eddie: There’s nothing interesting to learn about her.

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February 28, 2010

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– Just to sum it up, there were some tweets about them at JFK:

  • @kstewfan16 .. yea he came out first..then she came out like 30 seconds after.. same car.. a black tinted denali 15 minutes ago via twidroid in reply to kstewfan16 Retweeted by kstewfan16 and 1 other
  • @TheKritelanews ..they were far apart..but they got in the same. Denali. Yukon about 3 hours ago via twidroid in reply to TheKritelanews
  • @Vivi217 .. got in the same car ..seperately.. then startin talkin abt w.e .. paps were trynna snap picss but securiity was blockin them smh about 4 hours ago via twidroidin reply to Vivi21
  • Now in basic language it means that they split up to avoid papz taking pictures of them together, and then got in the same car afterwards. No big deal there!

    Oh, and if you remember it, Kristen was holding the yellow bag at Heartrow, so no, obviously it’s not Rob’s…

    Picture of the Day

    February 27, 2010

    Some girl took these pictures of Rob and Kristen at Heartrow Airport yesterday. I’m guessing they were heading for New York City!

    Remember that interview we posted earlier today, with a quite familiar quote from KStew, and yet something had been changed in it? Well Gossip Cop has the answer to us!

    From Gossip Cop

    An interview with Kristen Stewart on caught a lot of people’s attention today, as part of it seemed… familiar.

    The Q&A is presented as a recent conversation arranged during promotion for The Yellow Handkerchief, Stewart’s new film. And most of the discussion sticks to that dramatic role.

    But at the end is a very curious bit of Robert Pattinson talk.

    “So what’s really going on with you and Robert,” asks the interviewer. “Are you dating?”

    To which Stewart is said to reply, “The whole rumor tabloid stuff is so obviously false to me and I knew it was false even before I became a part of it. It has been like some sort of ridiculous show. It’s like a soap opera, but filled with false realism. I don’t take it personally. It might seem real to fans, but it isn’t.”

    Hmm. Sound familiar?

    Take a look at this interview (with audio) from last November, when Stewart was promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon and said of her growing celebrity:

    “I’ve gotten more comfortable with the whole rumor, tabloid stuff, it’s so obviously false to me. Look, even before I became a part of it, once I sort of became a star… it’s like a show. It’s like a ridiculous show.

    [“A soap opera with your name in it?” a reporter prompts]

    “Exactly. With false realism like a soap opera that seems real but you’re not quite sure. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t take it personally.

    Gossip Cop contacted BettyConfidential, and the site confirmed our suspicions.

    The answer to the “What’s going on with you and Robert?” question, the site admits, was taken from the previous roundtable discussion with reporters Stewart staged in November.

    It was not an answer Stewart gave during her current promotion for The Yellow Handkerchief.

    Importantly, Gossip Cop will also observe that in the original setting back in November, Stewart’s response was not even to a question about Pattinson, but, rather, regarding her overall comfort level with interviews and celebrity status.

    So don’t give any weight to the “answer” BettyConfidential presents as a recent answer to a Robsten question.

    It is several months old and taken completely out of context.

    – Once again, thanks to Gossip Cop!