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December 31, 2009

We from Robsten411 wishes all of you a happy new year!


Although we were really tempted to pick the photo where Lily Allen is cuddled up on the bag X-ray machine at Belgrade airport for our top airport photo shoot, we’re a little uncomfortable with how it was staged to be funny for her Twitter followers. So instead we turn to a completely candid shot of Twilight star Kristen Stewart transiting through LAX, with passport and heinous bag out in full view of the paparazzi.

We called her out for being so casual with her personal travel documents with so many people fussing about around her; that passport only has to slip a few centimeters more and it’s the newest lot on eBay. And with Twilight’s Eclipse film shooting over the border most of the year, this is girl who cannot afford to be losing her passport.


From The Source

It’s been a crazy year. The King of Pop passed, a black man was elected president and the world was taken over by “New Moon” mania. Thanks to all these memorable moments, we wanted to a look back at our four favorite moments from MTV News’ photo collection, “2009: The Year in Photos.”

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got close and cuddly over the summer up in Vancouver while shooting “Eclipse,” and their tender moment at a Kings of Leon concert took the world — and the tabloids — by storm with speculation. Though they still have not admitted to a relationship, we at least know Kristen Stewart is not a lesbian.


Picture of the Day

December 31, 2009

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Argentina 30 June 2010

Brazil 30 June 2010

Egypt 30 June 2010

Finland 2 July 2010

Denmark 30 June 2010

Germany 15 July 2010

Kazakhstan 30 June 2010

Netherlands 1 July 2010

New Zealand 1 July 2010

Norway 2 July 2010

Sweden 30 June 2010

Turkey 2 July 2010

UK 9 July 2010

USA 30 June 2010

From Celebuzz.com

Well folks…2009 was a big year for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, to say the least.

And it was an even bigger year for their relationship. Denial after denial came from their camp, as the media became insanely obsessed with whether or not “Robsten” was real.

10. This picture from Vanity Fair shows RPattz on bended knee for the beautiful Kristen. Could life get any better?

9. Munich, Germany on November 14 for New Moon promotion….check out that chemistry and sexual tension. YOWZA!!

8. Paris, France on November 10, 2009 for more New Moon promo. Again, this sexual tension is outta control. Just KISS!!!!

7. Such teases!!! The couple ALMOST kiss when they accept the Best Kiss award onstage at the 18th Annual MTV Movie Award on May 31, 2009.

6. Another goodie from Vanity Fair. The way she’s pulling up his sleeve….hot. They both look so happy, gorgeous, and sooo in L-O-V-E, right?

5. Remember this one, guys? While we had our doubts about ROBSTEN, this is the picture that made us believe! On August 15, Rob and Kristen were pictured almost kissing at the Kings of Leon Concert in Vancouver. Caughtya!

4. Rumors of a breakup dominated the tabloids all summer when Rob was in NYC filming Remember Me and Kristen was busy in LA with The Runaways. The couple finally reunited at San Diego’s Comic Con on July 23 and looked happier than ever. Take that, haters!!!

3. The kiss in New Moon. Yeah. We know you’re jealous. Live with it!!!!!

2. This is when we changed our mind about Robsten. We became believers! After a night out in Vancounver in May, the two climbed into a limo at 3am without their costars and headed back to their hotel. Playing footsie is NOT what friends do.

1. They did it. THEY HELD HANDS IN PUBLIC!!!! The couple finally came out while promoting New Moon in Paris on November 10. We wonder what 2010 holds for the couple?

From Robmyworld

Do you agree or disagree?

1)  What the hell is that look? Looks like a bad Vegas James Dean impersonator. (AnOther Man Magazine)

2)  Um, if this is Rob’s “o” face, I’m out. Seriously. No, wait… ::grabs a paper bag:: (Vanity Fair)

3) I love it when the jawline is featured, but this one is just all kinds of wrong. Dear Sexy Jawline, Where did you go?!? Love, Me (Dossier Shoot)

4) I wonder if this is how Rob looks whenever he runs across a group of tweens. No worries babe. That look will scare them off. (New Moon Premiere)

5) Rob looks sans sleep from about 2 months and, when you think about how amazing the rest of the GQ shoot was, this one just stands out as terrible. (GQ Shoot)

6) Oh dear. I really hope someone put that scarf out of it’s memory. And seriously, this pose is straight out of the senior high school standard pose guide.

7) Rob’s face, or maybe the fact that this looks identical to the engagement pictures I see in my hometown paper. I’ve gotten better pictures of my family in the mall then this one. (Harpers Bazaar)

8 ) Timing was not Rob’s friend this day. He looks lanky and goofy. But not in a fun way. Just in an odd “I spend all day playing WoW” kind of way. (Remember Me Set)

9) What happened here? Did he age about 10 years in that moment? Nope. Not working for me. (New Moon Premiere)

10) Someone must have farted or something, cause there is no other reason for this face. I blame Kellan. You know it was him. (Teen Choice Awards)

Picture of the Day

December 30, 2009